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Dr. Sears Prime - Time Health is a scientifically proven plan that provides a road map for a healthier body and lifestyle.  You will receive simple and easy to follow solutions with engaging materials, tools and resources to assist you in achieving your goals. You will learn the following topics.

Every client is different. I customize wellness plans that will address your concerns and health issues and bring balance and harmony.    

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Wellness Packages

Herbal Medicine

Dr. Chen's Eastern Cell Regeneration Program

Nourish - Balance - Cleanse 

Herbal Concentrated Foods

come in capsule, powder, and liquid form.

They are safe for babies and children

The philosophy of cell regeneration dates back to China 5,000 years. If you nourish the body with a variety of organic concentrated herbal foods arranged in the right combinations this will feed the cells of the body.


Dr. Chen's formulas are patented and these unique formulas target the cells of the body to regenerate. For over 30 years Dr. Chen's program has been assisting people in regaining their health and improving their life. 


For 38 Years Dr. Chen's program has been changing & improving their health & life.