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Your Pathway to Health and Beauty 

Meet Lorel

Master Reiki Healer 
Certified Dr. Sear Health Coach
Isagenix Beauty and Wellness Consultant


I am a certified Dr. Sears Holistic health coach, Reiki Healer & trained in Dr. Chen's Cell Regeneration Program. I will assist you in transforming your health and creating a balance between the mind and body, you just need an expert to unleash your power and guide you through your new journey.

The truth is, if it were that simple, you probably would have reached your goals by now. My mission is to educate and encourage healthy, mindful living to others, helping women and men become aware of making choices

toward a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Hello Everyone, I'm so glad you're here. Improve your health improve your life.



Reiki Healing 

Offering private - group or facetime sessions 

Enjoy an ancient Japanese healing technique to reduce stress, promote relaxation and assist in healing the mind and the body. Reiki is implemented in over 800 hospitals across the USA and is extremely popular across Europe. 


What to expect?
Always come to a Reiki session in comfortable loose clothes & no jewelry.  We will discuss your concerns and how your feeling relax in candlelight with soft meditation music release all your stress & troubles. After the session enjoys a warm cup of Calli Tea to finish the session off.  You will receive a follow-up call in a few days to see how you are feeling. 

Dr Sears Wellness Coaching 

Offering private - group or facetime sessions 

Take your health to the next level. A trained professional Health Coach will assist, guide, and educate you to eat healthier, reprogram your thinking & make healthy choices to live a healthy life. Set Goals, overcome obstacles so you can achieve success. Receive coaching on Dr. Sears Prime - Time scientifically proven wellness programs. Focus on Nutrition, Lifestyle, Attitude & Exercise. Learn about Dr. Chen's Cell Regeneration protocol Nourish  Balance & Cleanse system based on 5,000-year-old eastern recipes to improve immunity and longevity. 


You will learn and utilize all the tools necessary to build a healthier you !

Dr. Chen's Eastern Cell Regeneration Program

Herbal Concentrated Foods 

The philosophy of cell regeneration dates back to China 5,000 years.
If you nourish the body with a variety of organic concentrated herbal foods arranged in the right combinations this will feed the cells of the body.
Dr. Chen's formulas are patented and these unique formulas target the cells of the body to regenerate. For over 30 years Dr. Chen's program has been assisting people in regaining their health and improving their life. 


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Recent Blog Post 


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Christina De Jesus, Owner

Beauty and Wellness TV

Houston, Tx 

I went to see Lorel for the stress I had been experiencing. I was amazed after my Reiki Healing treatment. I felt so much lighter like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders a well as a real mental clarity I experienced. In addition, I had the best sleep and woke up feeling so refreshed. I will be seeing Lorel once a month for her Reiki treatments. Thank you Lorel. 


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